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1. Green Energy, Lower Power Consumption, Save 60%-80% Than Others.

2. Higher power, higher brightness intensity, Good Color Rendition. 

3. Save electricity cost,electric transformer and cable cost. Free maintenance.

4. Low Light Pollution, No Radiation. 

5. Longer lifetime: Between 80000-100000 Hr.If Lighting 12 hrs/night,could use at least 12-22 Years.

6. Less heat Generated compared to other sources.

7.Downward orientation of Light, could adjust lighting angles and lighting range.Other Lighting source just could give common round shape and small lighting range.

1. No need of cable installation or special light pole,functional components modular design. Installation, maintenance and replacement is convenient and quick .

2. High efficiency solar panel,High transfer rate,charge full quickly.

3. Using high capacity lithium ion battery,high energy,long life,light weight,green and environmental protection,do not produce any harmful substances.

4. Using LED lighting source, no diffuse reflection effect, high light efficiency. Coupled with the unique secondary optical design, exposures to the wider region, This achieve energy saving again to improve the efficiency of light. And the LED light source has a long service life, high luminous efficiency; the advantage of light color uniform, is also a best product of environmental protection.

5. Control system adopts industrial-grade components manufacturing, which can adapt to all kinds of wicked environment and ensure the street light normally on.

                                                     The grid-tied solar power system is the most common type of solar power system

                                                       These systems are connected to your local electric grid as well as your home

​​​​​​​Rated Loads Capacity1-200KW  Daily Power Generation>4-800KWH  Solar Panel>4-800KWH   Monitoring SystemWIFI200/ENET200

1. Excellent PID free performance.

Solar’s DHM72 cells Series solar panel is PID Free module under the condition of 85℃/ 85% RH. It can be used for all applications, including Civil and commercial solar power system.

2. Certified anti Salt-mist,anti ammonia corrosion performance,sand and storm test by TUV Rheinland and TUV Nord.

3. Excellent mechanical performance with 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load.

4. Outstanding weak light generating performance with A grade solar panel(morning,nightfall,cloudy & rainy day).

5. Anti-reflective glass not only increase light absorption,but also reduce the power loss by solar panel self cleaning function under rainy environment.

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100W Solar Panel

 500KW solar power system

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100W Solar Panel

20KW solar power system

                     100W Solar Panel
50AH Lithium Battery

1KW Solar Power System 

80W Solar Street Light 
100AH Lithium Battery

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30W Solar Street Light
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